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are faced with new regulations about how health information can be shared with others both inside and outside the hospital. The following will help ensure that the church will know of your  admission into the hospital;

  • Whenever possible, please call Monica Guilfoyle at 233-6263, Sister Marie at 357-6103 or ask the hospital staff to call when you are admitted to the hospital.
  • When you or a family member is admitted to the hospital, you will be asked for permission to list your name in a daily  directory available to the clergy. You must be listed by your  parish name if you wish a visit.
  • SELECT HOSPITAL (on 8th floor of St. Francis) does not ask for your religion preference. Therefore, we have no way  of knowing you are there unless you call the parish office or a Select staff member.
  • If you are discharged from the hospital and go to another care  facility, nursing home or rehab. etc., please call the parish office to let us know where you have been transferred to. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated as this will help us meet your spiritual needs.
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